Our 5 Favorite Grove Collaborative Products for Everyday Use

As I put together this list of our favorite Grove Collaborative products, it’s hard to believe that we’ve already been using Grove Collaborative for over a year now. We signed up for Grove (referral link – you get free Mrs. Meyers goodies and a trial VIP subscription, we get $10 in order credit) in hopes that it would help us be able to reduce our waste. We’d already implemented some things to help us reduce waste/consumption (composting, changing to LED light bulbs, lowered the temp on our water heater) but we really wanted to hone in on plastic use and environmental sustainability

Easy Thousand Island Chicken Bake For Two

My husband REALLY likes Thousand Island Dressing. Really really. When I told him I went looking for a Thousand Island Recipe because he likes it so much, he started listing all of the things you should dip in it… Doritos. Taquitos. French fries. The list goes on. Anyways, I know we hate when the recipe is a mile away from the title, so here it is: 

Greening Your Cleaning with Grove Collaborative

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Maybe it’s the mass amount of information I’ve learned from living on The Mighty Susquehanna, or maybe it’s that one Environmental Bio class I had in college that I LOVED, or maybe it’s that the smell of bleach makes me feel like I’m going to have a panic attack, but either way – I know that traditional cleaners (bleach, ammonia, etc.) are bad for the environment. But just how bad are they?