About Deb

I spent a lot of my life (ahem, 30+ years) trying to fit into the standard societal molds: eat this, weigh that, wear these. Don’t talk about your trauma, don’t talk about money, don’t overshare, don’t undershare, don’t don’t don’t.

I am SO DONE with that shit.

Welcome to my journey to live life outside of societal molds. Instead, I’m learning to live with intention. To live – you guessed it – deliberately. My goal every day is to do my best to be better, from working through my anxiety and learning to love myself the way I am to encouraging myself to learn new skills, cook new food, save money, and be better to our planet; I’m so excited that you’re along for the ride.

If you want to stay in touch and share stories, enter your email and click/tap/hit the “subscribe to blog via email” button to the right, give me a follow on Instagram, or drop me a line at hello@deliberatelydeb.com. I can’t wait to get to know you ❤️