Our 5 Favorite Grove Collaborative Products for Everyday Use

As I put together this list of our favorite Grove Collaborative products, it’s hard to believe that we’ve already been using Grove Collaborative for over a year now. We signed up for Grove (referral link – you get free Mrs. Meyers goodies and a trial VIP subscription, we get $10 in order credit) in hopes that it would help us be able to reduce our waste. We’d already implemented some things to help us reduce waste/consumption (composting, changing to LED light bulbs, lowered the temp on our water heater) but we really wanted to hone in on plastic use and environmental sustainability

Grove Collaborative is already a plastic neutral company, and earlier this year, announced their commitment to be 100% plastic-free by 2025. That is incredible! 

Disclaimer: this post contains Affiliate links and I may make a small amount of money if you decide to purchase from my links. Read my full disclosure and privacy policy here.

We’re at a point where we really only purchase our household supplies (including all cleaners, laundry care, toilet paper, shampoo, soap, etc.) from Grove. Some of our favorite Grove products are: 

1. Dish soap dispenser, dish soap, and a tray to keep it on

This refillable dish soap container is glass. It comes with a silicone sleeve to help prevent slipping/potential breaking. We are currently filling it with the original dish liquid, but Grove recently released a plastic-free version of the soap, too (meaning packaging – there is not plastic in the soap :))! We do dishes by hand almost every day. A jar refill lasted us almost 9 weeks on our last fill. Everything is sitting on the Grove ceramic sink tray, which was part of our free gift when we signed up.

We have LOTS of gifted BBW soaps to use up, but once they’re gone, we’ve already got our hand soap dispensers from Grove on standby!

Also pictured: the Grove Co. bottle brush and dish brush. The former is self-explanatory and gets used to clean my daily use Yeti. The latter is used for one thing only: scrubbing cast iron. Both have replacement heads available so you’re only disposing of one piece of the tool when it needs replaced.  Oh and this cute little vegetable brush, which works extraordinarily well for its intended purpose. 

2. Soap bar, sudsing sack:

Using soap bars (that come in recyclable boxes) helps cut down on our plastic usage. This sudsing sack helps our soap bars last a lot longer. We each have one with our respective soaps in the shower. I’m currently using the Grove Lavender Hydrating Bar Soap, and Tyler is using the Mrs. Meyers Rain Water Bar Soap (which comes wrapped in paper). 

3. Microfiber cloths, all purpose cleaner

Part of our after-dinner clean up is wiping down all of the countertops and the cooktop. We use one of these microfiber cloths and Grove’s All Purpose Cleaner. You can see that the old refills came in these small plastic tubes (which are recyclable some places but not others), but they were recently re-released in plastic-free packaging. 

We also use these other Grove concentrate cleaners: 

Each of which goes in a refillable glass bottle with a silicone sleeve. We have had some issues with the spray nozzles breaking/stopping working, but Grove’s amazing customer service always credits our account so we can order a new one in our next shipment. They don’t mail replacements as keeping down the total shipments/packing used during shipping is part of their Earth-conscious approach to e-commerce. 

4. European dish cloths

I believe these Grove European Dish Cloths may deserve 90% of the credit for us using only ONE ROLL of paper towels from December 2019 to November 2020. Yes, you read that right – ONE. Having washable/disinfectable absorbent cloths to sub in for paper towels has been a real sustainability game-changer for us. They can be put in the dishwasher or washed by hand, then microwaved for a minute (damp) to disinfect them. Truly incredible. 

5. Reusable snack/storage bags

This is a path we went down starting with these reusable silicone bags. These work well for a lot of things, but they’re tough to clean and even tougher to dry. We still use them, but generally prefer the ones from Grove that are a thinner material than silicone (and sooo much easier to clean). 

I could go on about the products, but I don’t want to neglect to mention the reasons we love Grove in general: 

  1. Sustainability in SO many ways: plastic-neutrality and plastic-free by 2025, reforestation, and carbon neutral shipping to name a few
  2. Free shipping with the $19.99/year VIP shipping program (minimum orders to ship help keep shipping practices sustainable, non-VIP shipping is only $4.99/order)
  3. The referral program is $10 per referral for up to 50 referrals! That’s a substantial referral credit, especially when you submit monthly orders like we do. I’m so grateful for such a robust program.

Have you tried Grove Collaborative yet? If not, are there any questions I can answer for you? I am SO passionate about this company and would love to help you get whatever information you might need!

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